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right on. "happening now" starts right now. jon: we begin this friday morning with a fox news alert and deadly new violence in benghazi, highlighting fragile security situation in libya nearly two years after attacks that claimed lives of four americans. good morning i'm jon scott. >> jon, i'm arthel neville in for jenna lee today. the attack happened earlier this morning. at least six people were killed when militants stormed libyan security headquarters. government troops later retaking the building after a long firefight. now this as fierce reaction pours in after a top military intelligence official testified that u.s. commanders knew early on that the 2012 benghazi attack was a hostile action, not a protest that got out of hand, contradicting the initial white house narrative. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge following the
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story so diligently for us from the beginning. catherine, where did the video explanation came from? what did they say now about that? >> reporter: arthel this statement from then secretary of state hillary clinton on september 11th, 2012, at 10:07 p.m. before the attack was over linked benghazi violence to the video. we believe this is the first public statement to make that connection. on "special report" last night bret baier asked what information was mrs. clinton relying on at that time? >> who tells hillary clinton at 10:00 p.m. to put out this statement, that says, some have sought to justify this vicious behavior. the announcement has already happened about the benghazi attack. as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet. the united states deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. our commitment is to religious tolerance. goes back to the very beginning of our nation. let me be clear. there is never any justification for violent acts at anytime.
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at 10:00 p.m. eastern time this is still going on this attack. where does that come from. >> i don't know. >> reporter: little is actually known about the president's whereabouts about the night on attack. when pressed former spokesman said the president was not in the situation room that evening. that response is prompting a leading republican senator to send a letter today to the white house asking for further explanation. how could the president be fully engaged on the night of the attack at the same time, according to that spokesman, be absent from the situation room, arthel? >> catherine, as i said you've been out front on this story since the very beginning. what are we learning about the administration's response to your reporting and how this story has been covered here on fox? >> reporter: these new emails from the judicial watch lawsuit show late september 2012 a fox news report by bet blair and myself that u.s. intelligence officials knew within 24 hours it was terrorism, sharply conflicting with the administration statement was
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circulated at most senior levels at white house. then deputy national security advisor denis mcdonough sent a copy of fox report to white house terrorism advise sorry john brennan and former deputy director cia michael morell and ben rhodes who pushed the email about the video. >> the administration has been very worried about telling the truth about benghazi because of the timing of benghazi of the significance is that people were informed in the white house this was a coordinated terrorist attack by a al qaeda affiliate. they understood the political damage that could happen to the president seven weeks before the election. what republicans and others may say about a failed foreign policy so they took that, took the truth and changed it. they misled the american people. they told the story best for the president, not best for the truth. and there has to be some accountability there. they have been worried about fox and others not giving up on
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this. let me tell you when it comes to hillary clinton i don't believe for a second she could not have known about the deteriorating security in benghazi. that she didn't know about the additional security requests that go all the way back to august. but we have to prove that. my instincts tell me that this story is never going to go away as long as they keep lying. >> reporter: it is worth noting about those emails that were released through that federal lawsuit is that after you see these senior administration officials circulating the fox news report, all of their commentary which is extensive, is redacted in those documents, citing personal privacy information. why that would be relevant in an unclassified email is not clear to us here at fox. arthel. >> catherine herridge, thank you, catherine. jon: now this fox news alert. the house oversight committee is issuing a new subpoena now calling for secretary of state john kerry to testify this month on the benghazi attack. committee chairman darrell issa wants secretary kerry to explain
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why those emails released this week which catherine was just referencing were omitted from previous administration submissions to congress. meanwhile major fallout in the wake of the release of those emails as a former obama administration spokesman claims he simply doesn't remember his role in editing the white house talking points. listen. >> according to the emails and timeline the c it a circulates new talking points after they removed a mention of al qaeda. >> yeah. >> and then at 6:21 the white house, you,. >> me. >> add a line about the administration warning of september toneth social media reports calling for demonstrationing. true? >> i believe so. >> did you also change attacks to demonstrations in the talking points? >> maybe. i don't really remember. >> you don't remember? >> dude this, is two years ago. >> dude? it is the thing that everybody is talking about. >> we're talking about the process of editing talking points. that is what bureaucrats do all day long.
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you're producers edit scripts multiple times. jon: let's bring into the discussion bob cusack, managing editor of "the hill." dude, this was like two years ago? we've got four dead americans. the first ambassador killed on the job in 30 years. and they're saying, it's old news? >> yeah. i mean when you have anybody in washington, when they're saying i don't remember, i don't recall, that's a bad sign. i mean this story is going to continue to mention. kerry will have to go to capitol hill. why was that email, why the lawsuit have to bring out that email? and why was that email initially classified? that makes little sense. so a lot of questions here and, they just still haven't been answered as we're going, approaching the two-year anniversary. jon: one of the white house defenses 2 i can try to restate it, that the original request for documents had to do with gauze gaugh emails. they claim that this particular email that just came out, or was
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just released, had to do with all of the protests underway that weekend or that week in the muslim world. does that wash with you, bob? >> that is a pretty weak argument. why not release it and then say that at the time? i mean, there's, clear indications here that they did not want that email out. they could have released it earlier and just the whole line of, well there were no politics in this. listen, months before an election, weeks, months, both side play politics. this happened as lindsey graham was saying seven weeks before the election. it's natural to think about the presidential election. what's a problem is, did they mislead the american public because of the election? jon: meantime, jay carney is saying that releasing that email earlier would not have made a difference. what do you say about that? >> remember, this is ad administration whose touted its transparency. so, not releasing that email rays a big question of what es
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is out there? what else has not come to light. that is the problem. the american public is getting somewhat tired of this debate but it can't be put to rest unless all the answer come out. i think kerry will have a very difficult time explaining why the state department didn't release it. remember, it was not on his watch that benghazi happened but as far as releasing documents, he is going to have to answer those questions. jon: but it was on the watch of the president who was saying that al qaeda was on the run at the time. and of course his secretary of state at the time, hillary clinton, may be the presumed frontrunner for the democratic nomination for president next time around. apparently we still don't know where the president was that night. he was not in the situation room. >> yeah. i think certainly with hillary clinton, maybe the president as well, those questions at some point are going to be answered. hillary clinton will definitely have to answer them when she runs for president in all likelihood. so these, republicans on capitol
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hill are very frustrated. they see this administration not giving these documents to congress, that's a major offense and has been suggested that it is a criminal offense because it doesn't respect the rights of legislative branch. jon: bob cusack, managing editor of "the hill." bob, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks, jon. jon: do not miss bret baier's special tonight. benghazi, white house cover up revealed. that is tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. it will air again on saturday, 10:00 p.m. eastern time and once more sunday at 9:00 p.m. right here on fox news channel. >> a fox news alert on the mounting crisis in ukraine. as we get new video of pro-russian separatists clashing with ukrainian riot police in the port city of odessa. we're getting reports of at least one person killed there. analysts say the new violence
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could mark a tippingpoint in the conflict, possibly bringing the country closer to civil war. now this as pro-russian militants reportedly shoot down two ukrainian helicopters as troops tightened their siege of the separatist-hold city of slaviansk. they hold their ground barricaded in government buildings as russia calls forage machine u.n. security council meeting set to begin at noon to discuss this very crisis. jon: authorities averting quote unimaginable tragedy in a small minnesota town, arresting a 17-year-old student. they say he was planning to kill his family and bomb a junior and senior high school. mike tobin live in chicago with more on this. police think, mike, that this teenager was actually very close to carrying out this attack? >> reporter: in large part, jon, because of the extensive planning that went into this. nearly a year of planning went
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into this meticulous plot to quote, kill as many students as he could. according to the criminal complaint, 17-year-old john ladieu planned to kill his mother, father, sister and with a 22 caliber rifle because the 22 would not make that noise. he would start a fire to distract first respond is. with authorities busy he plant to head to the junior senior high school and set off bombs and kill people not killed by bombs. the plot was thwarted only because a neighbor spotted him acting suspiciously at a storage unit. officers responded and found him surrounded by bomb-making materials. >> information is revealed in the case that we escaped what could have been a horrific experience. we can reveal this as result of a lucky break or as i choose to do, that god was looking out for all of us. >> reporter: he directed police to his home and gave them keys to his gun safe and directed
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them to three completed pressure cooker bombs. he was disturbed about the amount of guns he possessed. la due directed them to a 108 page notebook delineating the mass murder plot. jon: suicide by cop thing. what are the neighbors saying about this kid? >> reporter: you know, so far no one who spoken publicly anyway saw this coming. superintendent of schools said he was a good kid. he weighs an honor student. no history of trouble, that we know of yet. he was not terribly popular but not an out cast. a person calling himself his best friend said this kid needs help. >> it is just unfortunate he had to be thinking that way. i hope he gets the help he needs. he is a real close friend of mine. he is real smart. has a lot of things going for him. unfortunately he took a wrong path i guess. >> reporter: only strange behavior we know of thus far,
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neighbors said he spent a lot of time in his yard throwing knives and axes at a tree. jon. jon: what a story. good thing they found out about all of this. mike tobin, thank you. >> fox news alert. new job numbers just out this morning showing the unemployment rate dropped to 6.3% in april, the lowest level in more than five years. with the nation's economy adding a higher than forecast 288,000 jobs. our live chat is up and running. we want to hear from you as always. what do you think about the state of the economy and jobs? so just go to and click on, america's asking, to get in on the chat. jon: well the oscar pistorius trial set to resume on monday the olympian accused of murdering his girlfriend. coming up the evidence that the judge will have to consider there. plus violent clashes between protesters and riot police in seattle. we'll break down what happened
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we take care of the heat, so you don't get burned. just another way we put members first, because we don't have shareholders. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ arthel: fox news alert on a subway accident happening in new york city in queens area. in fact a brooklyn-bound f train, looking at life pictures at the scene. a brooklyn bound f-train derailed in queens shortly before 11, about 17 minutes ago. we don't know if there are any injuries. ny. d and mta are sending investigators to the scene. first-responders are on the scene right now. they're using act kest panels and at 60th and broadway to get into the tunnel. at this point there are no signs of anyone being brought up just yet. it sounds like no serious
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injuries at this point being reported. as you can imagine people are stranded and subway traffic is backed up. jon: that train would have rumbled right through our building before that accident. what was supposed to be a peaceful may day protest ends in violence in seattle. demonstrators clashing with riot police. police responding with pepper spray, making several arrests in the process. the group showing support for a host of issues including immigration reform and boosting minimum wage. william la jeunesse live for us in los angeles. what happened, william? >> reporter: well, jon, may day is supposed to be about celebrating worker rights with cake and maybe a few spirits unless of course you're in seattle where police arrested 10 for vandalizing cars, breaking windows and setting fires. an improvement over last year when protesters felt pelted police with rocks and bottles. clogging streets and carrying signs, protesters hoped to educate the rest of us who couldn't afford to join them. jon?
8:19 am
jon: so what about the number of people who were there? was this just a small thing or -- >> reporter: yeah. seattle, about 400, 200 san francisco were activists. they're complained getting priced out of their neighborhoods by high-tech startups. in los angeles, population four million, 1,000 showed up to complain about deportations. sentiment echoed up and down the coast. >> not going to wait any longer for congressman to tell us when we'll reunite with ouries. strong message we're sending today. stop deportation. and have fair immigration reform. >> they're undocumented. and you know it is unfair because they have been here for 21 years and they, are completely americans. you know, they, we talk about politics. we talked about pay their taxes. but unfortunately they're not valued as americans. >> reporter: protests were remarkably peaceful in portland, oakland and san jose and zero
8:20 am
arrests in los angeles. back to you. jon: william la jeunesse keeping an eye on that from the west coast. william, thank you. arthel: a man convicted of armed robbery is sentenced to prison in 2,000. because of a clerical error he never served his time. now the long arm of the law has caught up with him. he is sitting behind bars. is this fair? we're going to speak to his wife. that is coming up next. plus a dramatic situation in the chicago river. a woman screaming for help from the water. the tense moments leading up to her rescue. >> coming down the bridge, three people started saying help this lady, help this lady. i can't believe this. there is really someone in the middle of the water. got on the bridge, there she is in the mid different water saying, help, help. we ran to this thing, to get the life tube. vo: once upon a time
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jon: a dramatic water rescue to show you in the chicago river. a woman was reported in the water around 1:00. they went into the water to reach her. >> it floated over here. and then the, thank god they came here. i don't think she had much left. the fire department came and the guy grabbed her, you know. it was scary. >> she appeared to be in good condition. she was cold when they removed her from the water. she was transported to northwestern memorial hospital. jon: the woman was taken to the hospital. no word how she ended up in the river. arthel: well he turned over a new leave but apparently it didn't matter. we'll follow a story we brought to you here before on "happening now." in 2000 michael
8:25 am
anderson was convicted of armed robbery and sentenced to 13 years in prison. but because of a state clerical error he never went to prison. so he got married. he raised a family. never got into trouble with the law again. finally last year, the error was discovered. and michael was sent away. now his fate is hanging in the balance. let's bring in laqana anderson. she is michael's wife. good to see you. >> thank you. arthel: i'm glad to have you here. i want you to start with this. what do you remember about that day last july 2013 when they came to pick up your husband? >> it was very, very painful. very heart-breaking. arthel: what happened that day? >> that day, received a phone call that the s.w.a.t. team as well as the u.s. marshals were
8:26 am
at our home, taking mike away. while our two-year-old was there with him. arthel: and where were you when you found out? >> i was in oklahoma city for a business meeting. arthel: so you weren't there. your family's now being literally torn apart. your husband is on the way to jail. i can't imagine what you were going through, hearing that. i want to talk to you right now about michael. when is the last time you spoke to him? he is in jail. >> i spoke with him last night. arthel: and what was that conversation, in terms of what you can share to us as it pertains to this case and how he is doing, how he is feeling and perhaps any messages he had for you and the children? >> oh, he told me that he loves us, loves the children as well. told us to keep our head up and keep smiling, and i told him the same thing. and, you know, we constantly pray. you know, we stay very, very
8:27 am
hopeful. and the conversation just went as well as what's going on with the kids and how was my day at work. it was very positive things. arthel: very positive things. very normal things to hear that take place in a family. as we shop pictures of some events that have occurred over the years with your family. you have been married for seven years. you have four children and, if you can, give me a normal walk through? you know that, i saw that let me get to this, how are your children right now affected by this? >> they're very broken. our children they cry just about every day. they ask me constantly when daddy is coming home. as their mother it is hurts not being able to give them an exact answer. arthel: what are the age ranges of your kids?
8:28 am
>> they range from age 12 to three. arthel: so the 12-year-old for sure is very well aware what's going on. is that a boy or girl and what do you say to him or her about where their dad is? >> he is a boy. and, he knows where he is. our 11-year-old daughter is affected as well. she knows where he is. and our seven-year-old son, he knows exactly where he is. he saw him being arrested that same day. arthel: he saw that? has he talked about it over the last almost a year now? >> yes. yeah, he asks me, you know, why is daddy not here and he asks me when is he coming home. then we'll be out somewhere and he will say, ma, i remember when daddy did this or when he said this so. arthel: yeah. so normal thoughts of his father
8:29 am
and good thoughts apparently, pointing out that this, he has been a good father. i want to quickly find out if you have any indication as to what is going to happen monday? this will come up again. the case is going to come up and review it and perhaps decide your husband might come home on monday. do you have any indication what might happen? >> that i do not. again, we are a family of faith. we say very, very hopeful. and we just constantly pray that monday is the day that he is, returned home. with his family. arthel: laqonna anderson i want to thank you for talking to us here on fox this morning. take care. >> thank you. jon: now a fox news alert and it's a big one. fox has learned that house republicans are about to announce the formation of a special committee to investigate what happened in benghazi, libya, the night of
8:30 am
september 11th, 2012. this according to our ed henry at the white house. we're also hearing that congressman tray gowdy will chair that special committee. representative gowdy set to speak with fox's greta van susteren "on the record." we'll have more details as we get them six people killed in an attack on government security headquarters in benghazi, libya. this is a new attack as new questions are raised at home about the attack on our consulate there nearly two years ago and caught on camera. [shouting] a massive sinkhole swallow as whole bunch of cars. what officials say may be to blame. oscar pistorius due back in court on monday. we will recap the murder trial that is capturing the world's attention and take a look ahead. >> did you consciously pull the trigger or not?
8:31 am
>> i'm, my lady, i didn't think about pulling the trigger. as soon as i heard the noise, before i could think i pulled the trigger, my lady.
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arthel: fox news alert on our top story. at least six people dead in benghazi after militants storm libyan security headquarters there, raising new concerns about the fragile situation. nearly two years after the
8:35 am
attack that claimed the lives of four americans. greg palkot live now in london. greg? >> reporter: arthel, benghazi remains a very dangerous place. it was bad in 2012 when the u.s. consulate was hit when we were there. it is arguably worse right now. we talked to our contact in the city. he said there was fighting across the town overnight triggered by that assault by armed islamist militants on a police and government security headquarters. at least five soldiers and one police officer were killed, maybe higher. many, many, wounded. militants are trying to seize back a car filled with weapons and ammunition that had been taken by authorities. this follows a car bomb attack at an army camp on outskirts of that eastern libyan city earlier this week. that left two soldiers killed. increasing car bomb is weapon of choice of the islamist militants in that area. that includes ansar al sharia, an al qaeda linked group we and others have tagged in connection with the u.s. consulate attack
8:36 am
back in 2012. since then there have been more attacks. there have been more assassinations, bombingsings kidnappings. they're all commonplace. not just instituted by islamist. also by other rival militia groups and armed groups since the fall of muammar qaddafi. libya remains an unstable place. for foreigners, unwelcoming as well. back to you. arthel: greg palkot, live from london. thank you very much for that report. jon? >> lots of new developments to bring you on the benghazi attacks on september 11, 2012. as we just told you the house republicans will announce the formation of a special congressional committee to investigate the attack, this after new e-mails surfaced on the he had at this timing -- editing process of talking points and bombshell email from a top military intelligence official. with all that how are the mainstream media treating the
8:37 am
story? let's bring into the conversation judith miller, pulitizer prize winning reporter and fox news contributor and. both fox news contributors. you have a questions why the story continues to be buried in most major papers in this country. >> jon, look, the mainstream media, much helded msm has been really been mia on benghazi. how is it that you can have the release of an email long after it was requested by a house committee and the white house press secretary says, gosh, i don't know how this happened. ask the state department. hello, that's absolutely wonderful. questions about benghazi remain unanswered. where was the president of the united states and hillary, what difference does it make, rodham clinton, the night all of this was going on? okay, i accept the fact maybe we
8:38 am
couldn't get there in time, why not get there afterwards, pick up pieces, raise the american flag over that facility? jon: interesting too, the defense from jay carney is that, that, this email he says was not about benghazi. he says it was about all of the protests going on at that point in the middle east and yet the, the request the, the request from judicial watch, tammy, was for benghazi documents. so you know, that is what got this thing finally out. jay carney says it wasn't about benghazi. >> yeah, it's very strange now because it's one thing to try to spin the message, which of course is part of his job. this is politics. it's about trying to move your message but now we've moved into misomania. this is dynamic that you're denying someone apparent to everyone and it becomes very, very difficult. it is past the nature of just simply trying to describe the facts and circumstances.
8:39 am
this is why the word cover-up has begun to be used. i tell my listeners and i think journalism students understand this. certainly judith miller gets 24 very well. is that what you leave out is as important sometimes as to what you include in a story or when you don't cover something. now they're in a point, you guys, where they can't even explain their own past. they can't admit what they have done, but i'm really, i think the special committee that the timing is, is good. it should have happened earlier and despite this now, the mainstream media will have to cover it because this now is many abouting a genuine, legitimate story. it is following a track i think very similar to watergate. jon: you know, and, i suppose you may have heard, judy, the discussion that bret baier was having with tommy vietor, the former white house spokesman. >> right. jon: bret was grilling him about the edits he made in the talking points he released. he said, dude, this is like two years ago. >> yeah, dude.
8:40 am
ancient history, dude. i enjoy tommy vietor's tweets very much and i kind of miss him at the white house but that was astonishing performance. if you're going to go out there and tell the american people what this thing was about and what your role was in it, you might be prepared for that question. but i think it is this kind of performance that is going to force, force the mainstream media to cover this story and stop dismissing it, as politically motivated and a fox news story. jon: we are going to have -- >> if i could -- jon: go ahead, tammy, real quickly. >> if i could just add, tommy's performance is an indication of them becoming lazy because they haven't been held to account by the media. and as a result it really backed up on them because they haven't been asked hard questions and they have been acting accordingly. so i think we'll see them maybe tighten it up a little bit. jon: tammy, judy, thank you both very much. >> audios, dude. >> thank you. arthel: oscar pistorius trial
8:41 am
set to resume monday. the olympic athlete is accused murdering his model girlfriend reeva steinkamp. maintains he shot her because he thought she was an intruder. the prosecutor said it was premeditated murder. the trial focused about witness testimony about the night steenkamp was killed and the couple's relationship and pistorius's history with guns. all this giving the judge a lot to consider as she, not a jury, will decide the athlete's fate. fred tecce is former federal prosecutor and keisha evans is a former criminal defense attorney. >> thanks for having me. arthel: what i want to do, guys? i will look at some of the key points the judge has to consider. you tell me if there are arguments that can work in pistorius's favor or not a chance. >> that's a short conversation. arthel: you guys are probably on the sail page on this. fred, i go with you first. go to this point, that pistorius was shown part of reeva's head injury in court. >> it is interesting, if i was prosecutor i wouldn't have done that. there is so much great stuff to
8:42 am
cross-examine this guy on facts and forensic is evidence and i wouldn't have done and the one shooting water melson. i thought those were carnival barker type moves. i wouldn't have shown it. arthel: the watermelon so zombie type move. >> that hurts him and shows his fascination with weapons. it was the same gun he used to kill eva. it puts him in a bad light. he is everybody seed with using weapons and that's why he killed her. arthel: another key point here is the moment, this is a quote, the moment that changed, that everything changed is when oscar pistorius sobbed, he recounted the moment he realized that he killed eva. you say what? >> i say they're alligator tears. i think it was completely disingenuous. it looked contrived, it looked act thed. he would have done better, his whole theory in the case was it was a mistake. it is horrible, horrible thing. i made a terrible mistake.
8:43 am
for him to cry and carry on, i don't think it hess him. >> i agree. if this was u.s. court, they would have stopped. you have to compose yourself. it is very distracting. it does seem inseen sear. one of the things makes me think it will not help him this is bench trial. this is not a jury trial. the judge will not be sympathetic as jurors would be. >> it irrelevant. arthel: stay with you on this. text messages, oscar, i'm scared of you talking about his jealous tantrums and his controlling ways. how would that factor. >> that is hurting him as well because it would go to the prosecutor's argument he snapped during the night in question and he had this type of, you know, thing about him where he was controlling. so it actually goes to the motive that the prosecutor is requiring to argue. arthel: final thoughts? >> i think forensic evidence against the guy is overwhelming. he has absolutely no chance of being acquitted. quite frankly should be convicted of murder. arthel: fred, kisha, thank you. >> thanks for having me. have a good weekend.
8:44 am
arthel: you too. jon: just moments away a joint news conference at the white house rose guarden, president obama, german chancellor angela merkel will address the crisis in ukraine. we'll have their comments for you live when they emerge.
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jon: 13 minutes away from the top of the hour. let's check out what is on "outnumbered." sandra smith and jedediah bila coming up. >> coming up on "outnumbered," the new jobs report a bitten couraging i guess you could say but we still have a long way to go. we'll break that down. >> we have all dealt with snobby salespeople but can they increase sales? the ruder they are, the more you want to buy? what's in a name. research says if it is hard to
8:48 am
pronounce it is hard to trust. >> that is a bit alarming, jedediah. our #one lucky guy. you never know who it will be. that is top of the hour. jon: looking forward to it. arthel: a fox news alert. fox news learned house republicans are about to announce the formation after special committee to investigate benghazi. this according to our ed henry at the white house. catherine herridge has done extensive reporting on this story. as i said before, and she is joining us now live. catherine, what can you tell is. >> reporter: this just in the last few minutes, arthel, i also received information which really reinforces ed henry's reporting. what was told is an aide to house speaker john boehner has confirmed to a law maker in the house that the select committee is now a go. now a select committee is different than a regular congressional investigation because it brings together members from all of the relevant committees with oversight. so armed services, foreign affairs, intelligence, and the
8:49 am
witnesses are subject to lengthy depositions, not just q&a with different lawmakers. so it is an extensive deposition. you can bring in people say the intelligence side of the house like former cia director david petroleum and also have at the tame table someone from the state department -- david petraeus. it is not easy for witnesses to play their story off against someone else's story who may not be in the room. the most effective way to get at the facts of what happened. leading up to this, i had been told personally that the house speaker was looking for concrete evidence. so on the record sourcing that took this story right into the heart of the white house. and these documents this week pro judicial watch, including that september 14th email from ben rhodes, the strategic communications advisor from the president, did just. that that does appear to be the tippingpoint. the question now is the timing.
8:50 am
what i was told is that it could happen today, or the speaker might wait until monday when the house is back in session. and the other outstanding question is whether they will rely on the house resolution that was first brought forward by congressman frank wolf for a select committee or whether a new bill, a new legislation will be used to do this, arthel. arthel: catherine herridge, always on top of this story. thank you very much. for that late-developing bit of information there. thank you, catherine. jon: we are awaiting a joint news conference set to begin at the white house. german chancellor angela merkel and president obama expected to talk about the escalateing crisis in ukraine. might not be all sweetness and light. the germans are apparently quite opposed to new sanctions on russia. the president perhaps would like to see more pressure applied to the russians over what is boeing on in ukraine. our live chat is up and running.
8:51 am
we want to hear from you. what do you think about the state of the economy and jobs in this country? go to click on america's asking. you can get in on our chat today. ♪ woman: this is not exactly what i expected. man: definitely more murdery than the reviews said. captain obvious: this is a creepy room. man: oh hey, captain obvious.
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now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. jon: teenager charged with murder in the fatal stabbing of a connecticut high school student maron sanchez, makes his first public court appearance today. david lee miller live from the new york newsroom. david. >> reporter: jon, this morning's hearing lasted list than five minutes. through it all all eyes on 16-year-old christopher place ken. hesy accused stabbing to death
8:55 am
16-year-old marron sanchez in the stairwell of their connecticut high school. during the hearing he is did not say a word. his parents who attorneys describe as numb over this unimaginable tragedy were not in court, taking their place an uncle who has been appoint ad guardian. his attorney says the 16-year-old who will be tried as an adult is being medicated and on suicide watch at the facility where he is being held. his lawyer says his client is exhibiting signs of psychosis but he is aware of what is happening. >> he certainly understands that he is charged with murder. he understands who we are and understands what our role is and understands the nature of the fact that this is a criminal procedure. whether he understands full ramifications that all remains to be seen. >> reporter: minutes after sanchez was stabbed plaskin allege he had told police, i did it. just arrest me. still not clear a possible motive. the deadly knife attack took place the very same as the
8:56 am
school's junior class problem. sanchez reportedly turned down his request to be his date. following today's hearing the prosecutor would not discuss the prom or a possible motive or his mental capacity. he said, trying cases such as this take an emotional toll. >> with any case involving a someone that is 16 or 17 years of age, it is always difficult. i have had to prosecute other individuals charged with murder for, in similar circumstances. it is never easy. >> reporter: if convicted of murder, plakin faces up to 60 years behind bars. his court appearance this morning, well it took place, exactly one week after sanchez was stabbed to death. jon: just shake your head at that story. it is so unbelievable. david lee miller, thank you. arthel: it really is. we're moments away from a joint news conference. a live look there at the rose garden and the white house with president obama and german chancellor angela merkel. we'll bring it to you live when they get to those podiums.
8:57 am
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bill: have you had a good time the first hour? quite ready to come back a second our? martha: let's do it. bill: one hour from now. martha: don't go anywhere. "outnumbered" starts now. >> this is "outnumbered." phase hashtag one lucky guy. you are outnumbered, my friend. >> just like at home. i have a wife. >> you don't have four wives. >> no, but i am still outnumbered. >> we have news breaking. awaiting a joint news conference with the president and german chancellor angela merkel.

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